Tarantula: Authors and Art debuted as a digital magazine in 2021, featuring in-depth coverage of one artist per month and prompting its in-house authors to write a narrative in response to the work, turning the magazine into a collaborative artwork in its own right. Since its online launch, the magazine has curated shows with interviewed artists at art fairs, apartment exhibits in addition to releasing a printed edition.

Who are you?

A community of artists, friends, creative professionals who would like to take a break from the repetitive digital noise and get inspired to connect with their own creativity, feelings and personal stories. You dear readers, join us from Stockholm via New York and Seattle to Tokyo, and a few cities in-between.

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  • Featured artists whose works we will introduce throughout the month on Substack as well as our Instagram Page

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  • Interviews with artists; dead or alive.

  • An edition of Shortcuts, a shorter interview with a new artist or art organization followed by their takeover of our Instagram Page @tarantula_authors_and_art

Paid Subscribers

In addition to the above, our paid subscribers will receive short videos of the artists in the studios, additional material as in artworks of films when available. And a ton of gratitude form us!


If you are an artists who would like to be featured on Tarantula: Authors and Art, please leave us a comment with your website. 

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